"You can make anything by writing."

-- C. S. Lewis

Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Taken from my Facebook....

1. My name is Joy. But I would say that three or four times a week, I am called Joyce by mistake. For instance, at work I answer the phone: “This is Joy,” to which the random customer on the other line says, “Hi, Joyce….” It drives me nuts. It’s like they hear “Joy” but assume I meant “Joyce.” I don’t know why. Joy is just so much prettier.

2. In this list, you are going to learn more than you really wanted to know about me. :-) I'm a tad quirky, and I can admit that.

3. I think popcorn smells like dog pee. Consequently, I’m not a big fan.

4. I love grammar. I find it extremely enjoyable to diagram sentences and to correct people’s incorrectly placed apostrophes. It’s satisfying, and I could do it all day long. I realize that this makes me a semi-boring person. :-)

5. My daughter Ryley is absolutely the coolest little girl on earth. She just oozes with personality and enthusiasm and sing-songiness. Her life is a walking musical with choreographed dances.

6. I could watch Ryley for hours. Her mannerisms; her humor. She is such a gift from God, and we are so grateful.

7. My family always thought my favorite color was yellow when I was growing up. It wasn’t really. It was pink. But when I was three and in Sunday School, the teacher asked me to pick out a piece of construction paper for my craft, and she suggested that I pick my favorite color. I had never thought about which color I liked best, so I panicked, and I picked yellow. Though I immediately regretted it, I stuck with it and didn’t have the courage to come forward with my favorite color of pink until much later in life. By then, it had changed to blue.

8. I have been very happily married to my best friend Ryan for 10 years.

9. He is very literally my best friend. On Valentine’s Day, we spent an hour attempting to groom our puppy’s nasty, pee-ridden hind quarters. Kitchen shears in hand, Ryan had me in fits of giggles as I held the puppy down and he tried to snip the areas of concern.

10. I really don’t like dogs. But I am trying to come around for the sake of my family.

11. In the last two months, we’ve joined Sam’s Club and bought a king-sized bed and a dog. I think we’re officially in our 30s now.

12. I am very close to my mom and dad. I talk to at least one of them every day. I love them very much. :-)

13. Whenever I drive into a round-about intersection, there is inevitably a first-time round-about driver in front of me, tentatively taking to the new situation. As I navigate through like a pro and exit the round-about, I always think to myself, “One more down! That’s one more person that has learned how to navigate a round-about. Soon the whole world will know!”

14. My favorite TV shows are “Lost” and “The Office.” We don’t have a lot of time for traditional TV, but thanks to Tivo, we have never missed an episode of either.

15. I don’t like programs that require passwords. Facebook is a prime example. Though I may get an e-mail notice that I have a new Facebook message, I will groan inwardly and choose not to log in. It’s almost like passwords pose a brain block for me; they’re too much of a hassle.

16. Ryan says the I-Phone cures all that. Bragger.

17. Ryan says it’s actually “braggart.” And the Internet supports him.

18. I teach private piano lessons to eight kids. I love my students, and teaching them is a highlight of my week.

19. Every time someone addresses me as “ma’am,” I think, “Oh good! At least I still look like a woman to the general public.” And it is something to be genuinely thankful for.

20. Yeah, I know. Crazy.

21. It is a law of life that as you drive away from more than an hour of Walmart shopping, you will remember something that you forgot to get.

22. I love to garden. I’m not very good at it yet, but it’s relaxing to let my feet sink into the soil and smell the earth. I got overexcited last year and increased the size of my garden by five or six times. I lost control. :-)

23. It’s always kind of a goal of mine to be able to live off of the land. Sure, it’s unrealistic. But my grandparents were farmers, and I think it’s somewhat in my blood.

24. I have a neuro-sensory condition called synesthesia. This means that the wires are crossed in my brain, making me see colors in my head that aren’t really there, specifically in letters and numbers and when I hear sounds. The colors are always the same, and I think it’s helped my memory, as well as my ability to proofread. But it’s incredibly exhausting sometimes. I can’t turn it off. It’s just how God made me.

25. I have kept a blog for three and a half years at www.xanga.com/joyandryan. And now I've switched.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

After three and a half years on Xanga, I am making the leap to Blogspot and leaving it all behind. I feel like I am already outdated....Is Blogspot even the thing anymore?

I hope so, because it took me three hours to figure this out. Please be patient with me as I continue to learn and adapt.

My goodness, it's difficult to find the brain power to learn new things. :-) And I'm only 31.