"You can make anything by writing."

-- C. S. Lewis

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"You are everything to me. You are the one I love."

My posts are few and far between. And even though it seems like these pictures were taken an eternity ago, I guess they're better late than never!

A week and a half ago, we added yet another chapter to the book on Weird Weather in 2009 with this October snowfall:

Some places in Denver reported 24 inches of snow. We only measured 13 in our yard, but it was more than enough!

Ryley got two days off from school, but I had to work both days.

We went to dinner on Thursday night and came home to this message in the snow:

The funny thing was that I had shoveled once early on, but eight new inches had undone all my work!

The next night was our church's Harvest Festival, and Ryley's best friend Amirah joined us for the fun. Ryley went as Ariel, the Little Mermaid, and Amirah is some sort of vampire princess.

Cake Walk: The girls did this at least five times and finally quit, sans cake.

I started feeling sick on Friday night, and by Saturday morning I was in the middle of full-blown Swine Flu. Because of the high fever and the fact that I slept A LOT, all of last weekend is kind of a blur for me. By the time I was diagnosed on Monday, it was too late to really treat it, so I've been dealing with it the old-fashioned way. I still have a pretty irritating cough.

You'd think that H1N1 would ruin my birthday. But since I had already planned to be off work on Tuesday to do magazine proofing at the church anyway, everything really worked out ok. I was tired, but it was nice to spend the day doing something I genuinely enjoy and am called to do -- point out other people's errors. Ha!

It was indeed a really nice birthday. Here Ryley poses with my new pink snuggie! It is so cozy. She and I spent all day today cuddled up in it and watching a "Little House on the Prairie" mini-series on the Hallmark Channel.

I also received a new IPhone, a coffee tumbler, a movie, and gift card/money so I could load up on Bath and Body Works goods and perfume. Yay! Thank you, my family!!


Last night, Ryan and I went on a date. Beforehand, when Ryley learned of our plans, she asked if we were going to dress up really nice and drink beer out of really nice glasses. We answered that no, we don't drink beer, and also, we're going to dress normally. She was mildly disappointed and suggested that maybe we should consider a romantic date with candles, a tuxedo, and Coke in nice glasses. And she said:

"And you can say, 'You are everything to me. You are the one I love.' Are you gonna say that? Are you?"

Ryan and I were laughing so hard, especially since her voice lowered significantly when she quoted what we should say to each other. Where did she get this crazy picture in her head of what a "date" is???

So we did. We said it over our regular glasses of Dr. Pepper and Coke at Cheddar's.

"You are everything to me. You are the one I love." :-)

Life is good...especially when you feel good.